Life on Life Missional Discipleship

Life on Life Missional Discipleship

Life-on-life missional discipleship is a process for transferring spiritual life from one person (a Journey Group leader) to another in the context of small groups of 5 – 10 people (a Journey Group). Life-on-life missional discipleship can be described as:

  • Having a suitable life product;
  • Being intentional about imparting that product to others; and
  • Spending enough time doing the right things to impart that product so that the recipient will learn to impart it as well.

The life product that is valued in life-on-life missional discipleship is that of a mature and equipped follower of Christ. Your Journey Group leader is commited to invest his or her life in yours, spending time with you working a specific plan that has your spiritual growth in mind. The end goal is that you will learn how, and be motivated, to impart your life product as well.

The context in which this happens is regular, weekly meetings with your Journey Group. These meetings have a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere. Your Journey Group leader acts as a coach, guiding the group in creating a supportive, confidential environment that fosters camaraderie and openness. Group members encourage one another as they share honestly about the challenges they face and support one another through hard times as they grow spiritually.

Men’s and Women’s Journey Groups meet weekly from September to May. If interested, please contact Pastor Bill.