Believe in Something. Even if …

Believe in Something. Even if …

TEXT: Mark 10:17-31


“Believe in Someone. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

I. Eternal Life is _______________ only in Jesus. v. 19

No one is good except God alone.”

II. Eternal Life is Never Inherited by _______________. vv. 20-21

All of these I have kept from my youth.

III. Eternal Life can be very _______________ to Inherit. vv. 22-25

How difficult it will be for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God.”

IV. Eternal Life is _______________ with God. vv. 26-27

For all things are possible for God.”

V. Eternal Life brings _______________ Reward. vv. 28-31




Application Questions

1. What is your perspective on money and possessions?
2. Who controls entrance into the kingdom of God?
3. What area of your life are you finding it hard to release to God?
4. Do you have your “toe in the water” with Jesus or are you “all in”?


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