I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

TEXT: Mark 8:22-26


Spiritual vision is a gradual process in the life of a believer.

I Corinthians 13:9-12

Why do I think the healing of the blind man is a parable?

1. Jesus could have healed him instantly.

2. Vision is an analogy used in Scripture to speak of a person’s spirituality.

3. The context leads us to this conclusion.


– We are meant to _______________ our spiritual vision.

– We improve our spiritual vision by the constant _______________ of Jesus and His Word.

– We can be _______________ in the improvement of our spiritual vision.

Application Questions

1. What might the way Jesus healed the blind man suggest about how God sometimes heals people?
2. Have you ever experienced the process of improving your spiritual vision? If so, how?
3. How are you seeking to improve your spiritual vison?
4. Is there any part of your spiritual life right now that is particularly difficult to understand about God or what He is doing? Share with someone and have him or her pray for you.


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