Jesus! Friend for Doubters

Jesus! Friend for Doubters

TEXT: Luke 7:18-35


Doubts are not necessarily bad if they drive us to _______________ answers.

I. Doubts are often Caused by _______________ Circumstances. v. 18

“The disciples of John reported all these things to him.”

1. When things we believe should never happen, _______________.

2. When things we believe should happen, _______________ do.

3. When things we believe should happen now, happen much, much _________.

II. Doubters are _______________ by Jesus. vv. 19-20, 24-28

“Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?”

III. Doubts should Move us to _______________ Jesus Again. vv. 21-23

1. Jesus showed _______________ of who He is.

2. Jesus pointed them to the _______________.

IV. Doubts are Not the Same Thing as _______________. vv. 29-35


Application Questions

1. What has been the major cause of your doubts?
2. Have your doubts led you to seek answers or to walk away from God? Why?
3. What are the two things that Jesus did to help John with his doubt?
4. What is holding you back from a relationship with the Friend for doubters?


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