Kingdom Greatness

Kingdom Greatness

TEXT: Mark 9:33-41


Kingdom greatness and worldly greatness are polar opposites.

“What were you discussing on the way?”

1. Kingdom greatness is a _______________ ambition. vv. 33-35a

If anyone would be first…

2. Kingdom greatness is measured by _______________ service. vv. 35b-37

…he must be last of all and servant of all.”

3. Kingdom greatness rejoices in the _______________ of others. vv. 38-41

For the one who is not against us is for us.”


Greatness is not an option for Christians.

Application Questions

1. What are some of the world’s criteria for greatness?
2. What are the ways that you are serving others that puts you last and makes you a servant of all?
3. What ministries are you involved in that the world would judge to be insignificant?
4. Do you ever speak disparagingly of other churches or ministries?
5. Do you have a desire to be great in the eyes of others or God?


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