Love Them ‘Till They Ask You Why

Love Them ‘Till They Ask You Why

TEXT: Mark 2:13-17
SERIES: Mark – Who is Jesus?


Jesus _______________ with large crowds of people.

Jesus _______________ the individual.


I. A _______________ to Follow Jesus. v. 14b

“’Follow me.’ And he rose and followed him.”

II. A _______________ to Take a Risk. v. 15

“…for there were many who followed him.”

III. A _______________ for Lost People. vv. 16-17

“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”



“Love them ‘till they ask you why.”

Application Questions

1. What does it tell us about Jesus that He not only spoke to large crowds but also addressed individuals?
2. Are you really following Jesus if you are not “fishing”?
3. What hinders you from inviting your unchurched friend to a gathering of God’s people?
4. What does Jesus mean by “righteous” and “sinners”? What is He trying to teach us through these terms?



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