Measuring Your Spirituality

Measuring Your Spirituality

TEXT: Mark 8:1-21


Spirituality has become a kind of buzzword in today’s culture.

1. Spiritual _________________________. vv. 1-3

“In those days, when again a great crowd had gathered.”

Romans 10:17

2. Spiritual _________________________. vv. 4-10

“How can one feed these people with bread here in this desolate place?”

3. Spiritual _________________________. vv. 11-13

“The Pharisees came and began to argue with him, seeking from him a sign from heaven to test him.”

4. Spiritual _________________________. vv. 14-21

“Watch out; beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.”

Revelation 2:1-7


Application Questions

1. How have you observed that our culture is more enamored with spirituality?
2. Has anyone ever tried to convince you of the unreliability of the Bible? How did you respond?
3. Make a list of times and circumstances which the Lord has specifically shown His love and provision for you. How does this list move your heart?
4. Read Revelation 2:1-7. Look over it carefully and open your heart to any message God might have for you.


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