Seeing By Faith

Seeing By Faith

TEXT: Mark 5:21-43


“Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring.” (James 4:14)

1. We must see by _______________ because we are blind.

2. What we can see is the _______________ of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I. Seeing by faith involves _______________ who to seek in desperate times.

“My little daughter is at the point of death…And there was a woman… who had suffered much.”


II. Seeing by faith involves _______________ when things are at their worst.

“Do not fear, only believe.”


III. Seeing by faith involves _______________ more than we ask for.

“Daughter your faith has made you well…Little girl, I say to you, arise.”


Application Questions

1. Have you ever considered that you’re “blind”? How does it impact you to know that you are?
2. Who do you turn to in desperate times?
3. Why does it take you so long to recognize your need for Jesus?
4. Do you know the One who holds your future in His hands?


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