The One Sin God Can’t Forgive

The One Sin God Can’t Forgive

TEXT: Mark 3:20-20
SERIES: Mark – Who is Jesus?


Do you recognize Him?

I. Jesus: Out of His Mind? vv. 20-21

“…to seize him, for they were saying ‘He is out of his mind.’”

1. They were _______________ by what He was saying and doing.

2. They were _______________ about His welfare.

3. They were _______________ His religious intensity was too radical.

4. They were _______________ about who He was and His mission.

II. Jesus: Demon possessed? vv. 22-30

“He is possessed by Beelzebul.”

The Unpardonable Sin


Are you out of your mind to trust in Jesus?

Application Questions

1. What do you think causes His family to say He is out of His mind?
2. What was really causing the religious leaders to oppose Jesus?
3. How is the gospel shared by Jesus in this passage?
4. Are you willing to be a fool for Jesus?


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