The Purpose of Parables

The Purpose of Parables

TEXT: Mark 4:1-34


I. Theological reasons for speaking in parables.

               “…but for those outside everything is in parables.”

1. Let’s think about the big picture with regard to _______________.

Ephesians 1:3-6

2. Large crowds are usually made up of _______________ groups.

“And a very large crowd gathered about him.”

II. Practical reasons for speaking in parables.

1. Jesus will never _______________ you to become His follower.

2. He will save you if you really _______________ to be saved.

III. Missional reasons for speaking in parables.

1. The sower of the seed represents the faithful _______________ who shares the gospel with the lost.

2. The soil represents the _______________ of those who hear the gospel.


Application Questions

1. Do you really want to be saved?
2. What excuses are you making for not following Jesus?
3. Has the seed of the gospel taken root and bearing fruit in your life?
4. How does God’s sovereignty in salvation give you confidence in witnessing?


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