A Covid-kind of Christmas

A Covid-kind of Christmas

TEXT: Revelation 12:1-6


Point of the Passage: The first Christmas initiated a war in which Jesus defeated sin and death and the spiritual forces of evil.

1. The backstory of Christmas is _______________.     vv. 1-2

“And a great sign appeared in heaven”

2. The conflict of Christmas is _______________.     vv. 3-4

“And another sign appeared in heaven”

3. The meaning of Christ is cause for great ______________.     vv. 5-6

“She gave birth to a male child”


Application Questions

1. How has God been working in your life during the Covid pandemic? How has He been speaking to you?

2. What is the connection between Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 12:1-6?

3. Are you equipped for spiritual warfare? How?

4. What about this Christmas story encourages you the most? Why?


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