A New Way to Talk

A New Way to Talk


1. Speech is a wonderful _______________ from God.

2. Jesus taught the great ______________ of speech.

Point of the Passage: As a new creation in Christ, a Christ follower will certainly put on a new way to talk.

1. Put on ___________________ talk.       v. 25

“let each of you speak the truth”

2.  Put on ___________________ talk.     v. 29

“but only such as is good for building up”


Application Questions

1.  How have you been impacted negatively or positively by speech? Why did it impact you?

2.  Does being truthful require that you share every thought? Why or why not?

3.  Which type of corrupting speech are you most inclined? How do you plan to change?

4.  Does your speech tear down or build up?


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