Electing Love

Electing Love

TEXT: Ephesians 1:3-14


Outline of vv. 3-14:

God the Father elects. (vv. 4-6)

God the Son redeems. (vv. 7-12)

God the Spirit seals. (vv. 13-14)

I.  God’s Love is Shown in the _______________.     v. 3

“…blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing.”

II.  God’s Love is Shown in _______________.     vv. 4-5

“In love”

            1.  The choice was made _______________ Christ.

            2.  The choice was made in _______________ past.

            3.  The choice was made ______________ in God Himself.

III.  God’s Love is Shown in the ______________ of Election.      vv. 4-6

            1. _______________.

            2. _______________.

            3. _______________.


Application Questions

1.  In the coming weeks, read Ephesians several times. What themes do you find in the letter?

2.  What was God’s plan for you when He chose you?

3.  Why did God chose you? On what basis were you chosen by God?

4.  How does the doctrine of election impact you?


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