The Unashamed Worker

The Unashamed Worker

II Timothy 2:14-19

TITLE: “The Unashamed Worker”
TEXT: II Timothy 2:14-19
SERIES: Finish Strong


If we want to finish strong, we must avoid false teaching and pursue true teaching.

I. ________________ false teaching. vv. 14, 16-18

“swerved from the truth”

1. It leads people ______________ from God.

2. It spreads deadly ______________ in the church.

II. ______________ true teaching. v. 15

“rightly handling the word of truth”


“God’s firm foundation stands”

Application Questions

1. Have you ever experienced the harmful effects of false teaching?
2. What practical things can you do to pursue truth?
3. How do you know when doctrine is worth quarreling over?
4. Is every Christian to pursue true teaching or just pastors?


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