God’s Body-Building Program – Part 3

God’s Body-Building Program – Part 3

SERIES: Ephesians: God’s Glorious Purpose for the Church

TEXT: Ephesians 4:14-16


Point of the Passage: God’s body-building program produces in a local church unity and maturity.

1. Every member of the body is gifted.       v. 7-10

2.  Gifted leaders are given to the body.     v. 11 

3. Gifted leaders prepare members of the body for ministry.     v. 12a

4. The ministry of the members of the body builds it up.     vv. 12b-13

5. A mature body will have ______________ vital signs.     vv. 14-16

            a. Grounded in _______________.

“so that we may no longer be children”

            b. Walking in ______________.

“speaking the truth in love”

            c. Every member _______________.

“when each part is working properly”


Application Questions

1.  Have you ever been persuaded by a false teacher? How did it happen? What brought you back to the truth?

2.  How would you respond to someone who tells you “doctrine divides but love unites”?

3.  How do you plan to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in your spiritual growth?

4.  How would assess your own spiritual maturity and that of Grace? Explain.


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