Gospel Gear for Spiritual Warfare Part 7

Gospel Gear for Spiritual Warfare Part 7

TEXT: Ephesians 6:17

SERIES: God’s Glorious Purpose for the Church


Are we going to be a “luxury liner” or a “troop carrier”?

1. Our _____________ will be different.

2. Our _____________ of resources will be different.

3. Our ____________ will be different.

Point of the Passage: God’s Word is an effective offensive weapon for the Christian in spiritual warfare.


1. The sword is an _____________ weapon.

2. The sword is ____________ by the Holy Spirit.

3. The sword is the _____________ of God.

4. The sword is ____________ in the battle.

5. The sword must be put to ____________ in the battle.

            a. In order to use the sword, you must ____________ the Word.

            b. The sword _______________ temptations.

            c. Proclaiming the _______________ is a way to use the sword effectively.


Application Questions

1. What about your mindset needs to change to be more biblical?

2. Can you think of a time when you received a “rhema”? Explain.

3. How can you use the Word of God to resist temptations?

4. Is Grace a luxury liner or a troop carrier?


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