The Dearest Place on Earth

The Dearest Place on Earth

TEXT: Ephesians 2:11-22

SERIES: Ephesians: God’s Glorious Purpose for the Church


Point of the Passage: The Church is the dearest place on earth because it consists of God’s redeemed people.

1. The Church has been _______________ by the atoning blood of Jesus.    vv. 11-13

“But now in Christ Jesus”

2.  The Church is _______________ to God and to one another.   vv. 14-18

“reconcile us both to God in one body”

3. The Church is being _______________ into a dwelling place for God by the Holy Spirit.                                                                                                                           vv. 19-22

“being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit”


Application Questions

1. How would you counsel someone who has been wounded by the church and now wants nothing to do with it?

2.  What can you do to help bring an end to racism in the church?

3. What is holding you back from giving your all to Jesus and His church?

4.  Do you consider the church the dearest place on earth? Why? Why not?


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