What a Revitalized Church Looks Like

What a Revitalized Church Looks Like

TEXT: Acts 2:42-47


Our Vision Statement: To the glory of God, Grace Presbyterian Church aspires to be a healthy, joyful home for God’s people and a fruitful outreach in God’s world.

Point of the Passage: A revitalized church will be making progress in her love for God, one another and the unchurched.

1.  A revitalized church is _______________ to the means of grace.     vv. 42-43   

“And they devoted themselves.”

2.  A revitalized church has _______________ community.     vv. 44-46   

“And all who believed were together.”

3.  A revitalized church _______________.     v. 47

“And the Lord added to their number.”


We want to be a revitalized church!

Application Questions

1.  How do you think we are doing with making progress toward our vision?

2.  What are your thoughts about the statement “God does not expect you to be perfect, but He does expect you to be making progress”?

3.  Which of the means of grace is the most difficult for you to be devoted to? Why?

4.  Can you join with others and say “We want to be a revitalized church!”?


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